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About the author

I'm a Navy brat, and a very thankful one. Why? I've been able to live in many of the United States, live overseas and travel extensively. That's great and all, and while some people jump at the opportunity to say, "Oh yeah? Well, I've been to, [insert cosmopolitan location here]," I jump at the opportunity to enjoy being aware of others.

As I grew up, moving here or there every few years, having to make new friends, and hearing different languages, it made me hold my family as close to my heart as possible and never let go. I learned from an early age that there are few people you can truly depend on and that are there for you always. I am remarkably fortunate to have had, and still have that.

In addition to being able to understand what family is, I was constantly exposed to different cultures, political ideologies and the entire faith spectrum. I always knew I was one, of many. Some folks were like me, others weren't, and it was fun to learn about them.. which in turn, breeds genuine respect.

These thoughts are what lend most to Souls of Astraeus. Like I say on the last page of the book, I hope you might find something to identify with and enjoy.

Beyond that, I'm originally from North Carolina. After graduating from high school in 1998, I spent a few years earning and wasting money. From 2000 to 2004, I attended Brevard College, also in North Carolina, where I received a degree in music. When I have time, I compose, build computers, and play games ranging from tabletops, to cards, to miniatures and MMOs. When I got married, I arranged Luke's Binary Sunset theme from Star Wars, for brass quintet, for my wife to walk down the aisle to. Why? Because Star Wars rocks. So does Star Trek.

In closing, I have far too many animals in the house, and enjoy long walks in the mountains.

In all seriousness, now... Thank you for visiting.