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Jonathan Powell

About us

...a freelancing concept artist and illustrator

Jonathan Powell is a freelancing concept artist and illustrator currently based in Pasadena, California. Having recently graduated high school, Jonathan is continuing his artistic training at the renowned art and design school, Art Center College of Design, in their program for Entertainment Design. He began his career at the young age of seventeen, working for various low budget independent game companies, and now caters to a large variety of projects including AAA games, feature films, and television.

As a concept artist, his usual role is to visualize the look and feel of a game, movie, or show during pre-production, through sketches and paintings of characters, environments, vehicles, and props. In illustrating Souls of Astraeus, Jonathan brought along valuable experience in art and design that translated to beautiful, bustling cityscapes, crowded bars, and stunning galaxies. To see more of his work, check out his online portfolio here.